Position yourself directly in front of the screen keeping your head level at a distance of ~2 feet (~60 cm) or more {further is better}. Hold one hand flat, vertically (and perpendicular to the monitor screen) in front of your face so as to divide your eyes; while staring at the image twist your hand at an angle until you can only see the left image with the left eye and the right image with the right eye. Close each eye alternately, if needed. With both eyes open stare straight ahead at the twin images. Once these 2 images merge there will appear to be a 3D image with actual depth. If you can keep focus on it while removing your hand there will be 3 images in all. The 2 outside are the original ones and the one at center is the new 3D image.
Eye Help: seeing stereo pairs

3D Melons
3D Combination Lock
3D Oz Scene
3D Pooltable
Click on either of the two following images for a short mpeg animation.
3D Cybot on Titan 3D Cybot on Mars

3D Martian War Machine

3D Alien

3D Lightsabres

UFO's exist...?
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