Animated Alien

This is an animated GIF. It may be slow loading into this page so please be patient, thankyou.
In the actual full sized (320x320) version (not available yet) you can see the eyes look around, the arms move a little, as if entering commands, and the chest moves from breathing.
As an added bonus, you may click here (or right-click to save as...) and choose Save As... to download a re-creation of a UFO I saw once (well, as close as I can duplicate it anyhow).
The FLC animation is crude (256 color, 300x300 pixels and only 1K filesize) and flickering of the UFO itself was unavoidable as is, since a higher smoothing also makes the tiny speck blink completely off when the UFO is supposed to be at a great distance. Otherwise, in reality, it was of constant illumination; meaning no change across its surface. The background image is an actual photo of the direction looked, at the time of the event and same time of night. A highway runs diagonally from near left to far right about a 1/4 mile away. Another road goes between 2 fields perpendicular to the line of sight about 1/8 mile away. As far as scale goes, this is about right if your about 12 inches from the screen at 800x600 resolution.
If anyone has another explanation, go right ahead and tell me what it really might have been! 8-]