Various Internet Links

;usa dem
;usgs data/programs
;global elevation maps
;planetary maps
;texture/object functions
;pov utilities list
;spectral dispersion
;about motion blur (see chainrea.* files)
;pov links (utilities, tutorials, etc.)
;plants, furniture
;organic art (form, etc.)
;pov benchmarks
;universe (space background maker)
;the render times
;chris colefax website
; blue moon ray tracer
;3d cafe site
;starwars models
;new shapes
;john beales page
;orb-cyl (spherical/cylindrical hf generator)
;leveller (hf editer)
;wilbur (dem editer)
;more pov links
;torii slices
;spiralizer, etc.
;bink, rsx 3d, smacker
;planetary miscellani
;pov planetarium
;physical laws (pov)
;triangle reduction
;nathan kopp site

Other POV related

Various things
;840 free textures
;abnormal/normal human textures (broken?)
;texture land, normal textures (slow)
;rob's granite page (?)

;livepix java viewer
;livepix java panorama
;livepix contents

;language translater

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