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Notice! The submission form is closed indefinitely. No further updates planned, although that could change in the future. However, the map and people list will remain available for viewing. Please accept my apologies for whatever reason involving this, including any errors or omissions.

Thankyou to all. Please be sure to bookmark the map and/or inhabitants page(s) to easily find later !

Last Update(s): 2002.008 (2002.145), decimal year.
Want to see the PoV Worldmap up close? Updates and general image appearance may also change over time.
Major fix to the map has been done as of 1999.7 with markers aligned more precisely thanks in part to Marc Schimmler pointing out the previously errored map.
Also, a note about IMP members: those of you who had submitted coordinates to the IMP Map as of 3/28/99 (as emailed to IMP General list) are included. Special thanks to Nigel Stewart.
If you think your position is not shown correctly (within reason) I'd sure appreciate you sending me a note via the email button on this or the "inhabitants" pages only.
Here's the list of the inhabitants. Check this to be sure you're being mapped.
If you don't know by now what the IMP is go here.

Any questions?

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Map Coordinates Lookup Here
Go to the link above for MapBlast! coordinate check.
If you want to check further along these lines try checking here.

A world map which shows the geographic locations of POV-Ray users. This all began when Andy Cocker, at news.povray.org in the newsgroup povray.general, posted a message entitled 'Where are you?' dated 15 Feb 1999 15:45:28 -0500 and has since continued here.
As of February 22, 2002 a population of 243. Updates to the map might not be in conjunction with the persons listed as having submitted their location so please be patient.  Go here to see the map (750x750 res., 175K, or less). Clicking on the title there will take you to the current list of people.
To see more detailed views of North America Europe or Australia click on those regions; clicking elsewhere on any of the 3 faces of Earths globe will show that hemisphere alone (tested IE or Ns versions 3.* and above).
Only names will ever be displayed for reference, no email addresses or any other connection with you, in case you worry of that. Info you provide is simply for related contact.

Thanks to Ken Tyler (Uncle Tyler's Getaway) for the 3 globe idea and to everyone who has sent their locales.

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