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Currently have 2015 Indian Scout. This is a CGI model bought at, not perfect after 3DS conversion and reassembly into POV-Ray but very good resemblence.
My Scout had a fuel-related problem (original fuel/air ratio too lean?) that was fixed by reprogramming with a Dynojet PV-CX modified "tune". Other than that it is still all stock; no custom air intake or exhaust or anything else.

Got this 1997 Yamaha Virago XV750 in September 2011, after going without a motorcycle for 16 years and that other one was also a Yamaha... 1981 SX400 Special II purchased used at a dealership back in 1987. Before that I had yet another Yamaha from 1975, a little RS100 street bike. And the very first, a 1965 Honda S90 when I was 14 years old.

What intrigued me about this Virago, when I was shopping around for a good running used motorcycle, was its V-Twin engine integrated into the frame; virtually suspended over the ground without downtubes or cradle. Somehow I hadn't noticed those 750's and 1100's (as well as 920's, 700's and 1000's) out on the roads during my lone rides of the 1980's and 1990's. And when I stopped riding I wasn't interested in looking for them. Of course, there's a good chance I saw some but I just wasn't paying attention or making notes.
The thing I actually ignored as much as possible was water-cooled bikes with their automobile-like radiators. I couldn't get accustomed to that idea. Call it old school thinking or whatever, I abhored the thought of needing a radiator on a bike along with the way they block the view of the engine. Now, obviously, I'm not any kind of aficionado requiring a superb air-cooled machine or anything like that either, otherwise I couldn't live with a rough-hewn Japanese motorcycle the Virago seems to be. However, I have grown to love their design. Brand names or fine quality means very little to me compared to "fun for cheap".
Some of my ideaologies come from my subpar mechanical abilities, which make me afraid to break anything expensive. So what could fit my personality better? I don't have any idea because I don't aspire to know everything about all motorcycles. That said, I've never learned more about any of them until this particular Yamaha became mine to tinker with and ride thousands of miles around on. Only the future knows if I will ever continue the experience with a change someday. At least I can't rule out owning yet another and different motorcycle, despite my being almost senior citizen age.

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