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The following was a reply to a message posted at the News Group:

The POV-Ray project started in May 1991 when I first proposed the idea to a group of people on CompuServe. They liked my DKBTrace raytracer but didn't like the fact that I was too slow adding new features to it. They were going to re-write a raytracer from scratch, but I suggested that after version 2.12 of DKBTrace, they could take the code as is and develop it from there into a new raytracer. The first name was STAR - an acronym for something or other. Then someone in the group came up with "Persistance of Vision". We liked it because of its reference to Dali (I believe the painting was actually called * Persistance of Vision * - am I mistaken?). Moreover, it seemed to symbolize the team who "Persisted" to achieve their "Vision". The third reference was to the + phycological + effect that seeing an image flashed on a screen causes you to retain that image in short term memory. Thus, your memory was a representation of reality but not really reality. They all seemed to fit together to make a nice name. Early on, we were abbreviating the name to PVRay, but we were concerned about a commercial product called PV-Wave. We agreed to change the abbreviation to POV-Ray and standardize on the spelling.

David Buck

* The Persistence of Memory *

by Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali y Domenech
A surrealism painting. Contains melted pocket watches, water and eroded land in background. It was about this time that pocket watches were a passing era as the wrist watch became popular, outselling pocket watches beginning 1928.

+ physio-psychological? + This word was no doubt intended to be 'psychological'.

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